Day 1 of My Journey

13 Nov

Let me just say, this isn’t really the first day of my journey.  I’ve been in the process of losing weight or dieting for the last ten years or more.  BUT, it is the first day of this blog, so I liked the title.  I’m starting this blog for motivation, support and just to get my thoughts out there.  First I just want to explain the perspective I’m coming from.  I’m a child psychiatrist.  So, naturally I have an interest in my inner experiences and how they shape my actions as well as the way I view the world.  I tend to bring this into my thoughts about weight and health.  With medicine’s recent emphasis on evidence based practices, I also like to focus on evidence based methods of weight loss.  I love to investigate if things really work or if people just think they work.  But, I’m also just a regular old single black woman, raised in the South and it is impossible to separate myself from that experience.  Nor do I want to.  So many of my posts will just be based on my opinion and how I feel.  I’m excited to start.  So here are the before pics (I don’t believe in taking sad pictures) and the beginning stats.

Wt: 240 lbs
Ht: 5’8″
BMI: 36.5
BMR: 1877
Daily Calorie goal: 1500

Workout plan:  TurboKick, TurboFire and Hip Hop Hustle, six days a week


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