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Weight Loss Smash Book

29 Nov

 Last weekend, I decided to start a weight loss scrapbook.  I just wanted to prepare a book to chart my weight loss progress.  But when I got to the craft store, I came across a Smash Book.  Smash books are made by K&Co.  Basically they are notebooks made with card stock.  You use a Smash Book to keep things that are special or inspirational to you.  You just “smash” it in.  I loved the concept and decided to turn one into a weight loss journal/scrapbook.  I purchased the Smash book on sale for 9.99 and bought a pack of assorted stickers.  Then I printed pics off of the internet and created my book.  I love it.  Here are the pics…   I added goals and quotes that inspired me.  My favorite thing is the reward page.  I created a list for big rewards and pockets for weekly rewards and ten pound rewards.  Basically every week I set a goal and if I meet the goal then I pick one reward for the week.  I just pull one out of the pocket and it’s like a mini surprise every week.  I’m excited about it.  Each week I set a nutrition goal and a fitness goal.  The weekly goals will build towards the major goals that I have listed.  I keep the book visible in my room and it has been a great reminder of my goals this week.  Which are pretty simple:  Stay at my calorie goal for six days this week and walk/run for at least 30 minutes three times this week.